Is A Doberman A Good Family Pet?

If raised properly, a Doberman is the best dog you could have for a child and family. Dobermans are very forgiving with ear, leg pulling. They love for someone to just "love" on them. They love to sleep in the bed with you and get on couches. My younger brother used to sleep ON our Doberman if they snoozed out on the couch together! If raised with your child, the Doberman will watch and protect them. The females have
more of a tendency to "mother" children.
Dobermans are naturally protective of their "pack", or family. Young children should never be left unattended with a puppy, however, if the children learn to respect the puppy as a living being, the puppy will be a wonderful companion for the children as they all grow up together. Your dog's ranking in your "pack" should always be the bottom (Omega) member below humans.

The only thing to watch is the doberman might not like you to discipline your child, or could become very protective if your child is playing aggressively with friends. They are a very playful breed. They love to run, play, fetch. They will accept other dogs and cats. My Doberman will play for hours with our cat, then they'll curl up and nap together! A Doberman will be a staple in the household.

I received this e-mail from a fellow Doberman lover:

"Last year we purchased our first doberman puppy, he will be eight months old this month. He is very excitable and was not easy to train at home. At six months we had to take him to obedience classes. We take him to doggy daycare at least 3 days a week, he does great around other dogs and people he knows. He is very skeptical around people he has never met or been socialized around. I believe every dog will be different, but if you do go with this breed, the key to being a happy owner, is lots and lots of socialization around people, children and other animals. In the beginning it was rough, but we would not trade him for anything, he is an integral part of our family. He is now 80 lbs and still growing everyday! He is very clownlike around people he knows, but a great guard dog and protector for us. I do believe the breed requires a lot of attention and it sounds like with seven people in the family, he/she would definitely get it!!! Good luck!!"

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Rajiv Kumar Pandey said...

You can never ask for a better breed once you have had the pleasure of rearing a doberman....Lyka came to us on 22 Jul 2000 as a 3 week old pup and our lives changed completely thereafter...she was a bundle of energy, playful, and so very loving. Loved and admired by one and all even in our neighbourhood, there was never a need to restrain her. She lived with us for close to 15 years before her sad demise on 24th of May this year. However, she has, besides leaving fond memories, also left us with Mr. Brutus, a beautiful, handsome and so very loving son of hers. However, even he is now 10 and becoming old. We have decided not to keep any more pets, and in case we ever change our minds, it will only be for yet another Doberman